•  Brandown will be CLOSED on:
    • Good Friday 3rd April 2015
    • Easter Sunday 5th April 2015 and 
    • Easter Monday 6th April 2015
  • Brandown will be OPEN on Easter Saturday 4th April from 6.00 am until 4.30 pm


  • As a result of increasing fuel prices and volatility in the waste market Brandown reserves the right to VARY PRICES WITHOUT NOTICE. Please check with us and obtain a quotation for any project that will require disposal more than a month in the future.


  • A new Waste Disposal Price List commencing 10th November 2014 now available HERE  and pricing for various box trailer configurations is HERE 


About Brandown


Brandown Pty Ltd is a privately owned and operated Resource Recovery Centre, General Solid Waste (Non Putrescible) Landfill and Quarry at Lot 90 Elizabeth Drive Kemps Creek in western Sydney.

Brandown has operated the current site since it's inception in 1989 and has always placed a major focus on RECYCLING.

Brandown operates a 'state of the art' construction and demolition(C&D) waste recycling facility at the site.

Brandown's recycling facility ensures that whatever is recyclable in your C&D waste is separated and utilised as a resource, saving our finite natural resources, keeping them available to our future generations.


Brandown is the holder of two Environment Protection Licences on the site and these licence details are:

Resource Recovery - Licence No 12618

General Solid Waste (Non Putrescible) Landfill and Quarry- Licence No. 5186

Copies are available from the EPA website Public Register: 

Brandown's Contact Details:


  • General Enquiries - 02 9826 1256
  • Weighbridge/Allocations Direct - 02 9826 3402

Fax: 02 9826 1622